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Ansh-part of society
Genre: A reality Drama
Title: Ansh….part of society
Duration: 1hr. 15mins.

Actors: Kaushik Chakraborty 
            Dev Chatterjee
            Gaurav Khetripal
            Nabarun Banerjee
            Komal Dey
            Prasenjit Ghosh
            Amit Gautam

Produced & Directed by: Nabarun Banerjee
Music: Kaushik Chakraborty
Editor: Robin Sirohi
           Cinematography Vijay            Chaudhary, Ashim Bhattacharya
Sound: Ravi Sharma
Marketing: Tomojit Roy
Public Relations: Rajesh Bihagra

A Cineroed India Motion Pictures production

Shot on KODAK
Edited on Avid

Ansh-part of Society, is a film of four friends who come to live in Mumbai. They share a flat in the suburbs of the city. Here all the boys come from middle class backgrounds and have come to the city to fulfill their respective dreams. They share a common interest of playing carom and this is their regular affair once they return home after work.

Out of the four boys, Rajat, Francis and Kabir, manage to get a job for themselves but Usman fails to get his first professional break. But that never loosen the bond among the boys. All three love and respect Usman for his perseverance and try to morally boost him, as a very dear friend. This mutual support strengthens their bonding for ever.

The men loved, lived and shared every moment of their togetherness, just when a night tore them apart.

11th July, 2006 wrote a new chapter in everyone’s life. They never thought what destiny had in store for them? They became prey to one of the most horrifying terrorist attacks, which shook the financial capital of India. The carom match between Kabir and Francis never ended; the bullying of Usman never ended with a hearty laugh; the track that Francis composed played unheard; the train that Kabir boarded never took him home. Rajat’s eyes have seen it all but can never ever express it to anyone. The pain of losing the best of friends will always remain as a scar in his life. Memories haunt, but life goes on, with the curse of being a human. The moment they finally shared together was the last dinner the day before.

The film revolves around this 24 hrs. in the ill-fated apartment where the boys lived. The story is through the eyes of a common man as a victim. It’s a story of U and Me, who are a part of the society.